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Village Welfare

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Thurgoland Village Welfare is the Charitable Trust that owns and manages most  of the social facilities in the centre of the village that are used by the residents of the village and of the surrounding areas.  The surrounding areas include not only areas such as Crane Moor and Huthwaite that lie within the boundaries of the Thurgoland civil parish but also further afield such as Wortley, Hood Green and Oxspring.

Aerial photo of Thurgoland
Aerial photo of Thurgoland 

Our facilities include the Recreation Ground, the Village Hall and its Car Park, the Tennis Courts, the Bowling Green, the Youth Centre and the Children's play area. Together they provide venues for many of the Thurgoland community groups such as the Luncheon Club, the History Group and the Thespians.

We are also home to the Thurgoland Out of School Club and The Bowling Club and our facilities are frequently hired by local commercial operators who provide activities such as the regular Dance classes and occasional events of various types such as Gift fairs.

Many people believe or assume that the Village Hall etc. is owned and run by some official body - such as "The Council" - but in fact our operation is run by committee of volunteers who not only manage in an administrative sense but very practically in carrying out tasks such as decorating and minor repairs.  This independence is important but means that the Trust receives no statutory income from any official source such as the local authority (BMBC) or the Parish Council and has to support itself financially by means of the income generated by renting the Hall and other facilities to the users, by fund-raising events, by donations from local residents and supporters and  by seeking grants from various funders.  We do receive occasional grants or donations from both BMBC and Thurgoland Parish Council but  any such funds are always very firmly recognised as being non-statutory and may not be available from year-to-year

At the 2015 AGM, held at the Village Hall on March 29th, it was noted that the previous 12 months had been very successful, with a busy calendar of social events and significantly increased participation from local residents. Official changes were made to the Committee: Patrick Finn was elected Chairman, with James Wallis as Deputy.

Pat Finn                    Chairman
James Wallis          Deputy Chair
Margaret Denton     Secretary
John Anderson        Treasurer

Rebecca Anderson
Bernard Denton
David Denton
Harold Denton
Marjorie Denton

Terry Frank
Frank Kilburn
John Harris
James Robinson
James Wallis

If you would like to be involved in our voluntary efforts in any way please do contact us.  You do not have to join the Committee - any help you could provide would be appreciated!

We also welcome financial support and if you would like to help us in this way, you can best do so by means of a regular donation made under Gift Aid and a suitable form is available on this website - click on the links below to download. Even small donations are very welcome and do all add up - if just 10% of the households in the area donated just £1 per week each we would have an income of a very useful £6000 per year to help provide a social hub for local people.

For those interested here is a brief history of the Thurgoland Village Welfare Charitable Trust

The Trust was established in 1926 when the land was donated to the Village and soon afterwards was registered with the Charities Commission in the name of the Thurgoland Miners Welfare Recreation Ground and Institute with the objectives of providing social and educational facilities for the benefit of local residents.  That name, which was changed in 1973 to Thurgoland Village Welfare,  does indicate the origins of the Trust which is of course independent of any "official" body. For more information about Thurgoland Village Welfare usually known simply as "The Welfare".

Contact Details:
Contact Margaret Denton
Telephone 0114 288 5037