Thurgoland Parish Council Public Transport Working Group

Earlier this year, on 10th January, we called an open meeting in Thurgoland Village Hall, at which we shared what we had been doing and received information, comments and suggestions from some of the 47 people present.  Thank you for all coming and talking to us!
Here are some of the ideas and suggestions we have followed up and are working on:
1. Up-to-date timetables are now available at our Post Office, for bus users who don't have access to on-line information.  We will continue to make sure that these are topped-up/replaced , as necessary.
2. We'll provide individual support/advice in the Post Office, whenever we can, so if a member of the Transport Working Group approaches you while you are drinking your coffee, and asks if you need help to plan a particular journey, please help us to help you.
3. Our Parish Council chairman, Bob Blythe, is helping us in our efforts by initiating a Community Car Scheme.  He is beginning by asking for volunteer car drivers.  This could help with, e.g. single trips to the Surgery, etc where no bus is available, or not at the right time.
4. We are investigating the possibility of an additional bus route to serve our villages, increasing access to Stocksbridge and the Supertram, and, possibly, taking in Wortley, Thurgoland, Green Moor, Oxspring AND Penistone Station, which would provide access to the rail network.  We are considering aspects of the Penistone No 25 bus as a model, and consulting with South Pennine Community Transport, to see how this could be achieved.


SYPTE has confirmed that Yorkshire Tiger have surrendered their contract, that SYPTE had accordingly re-tendered the routes they currently provide, and that Stagecoach will be taking them over with effect from 2nd September 2018. 

This will apply to most of Thurgoland parish bus routes, namely 23 / 23a / 24 / 24a. 

TM Travel will continue to provide their existing Mon - Sat evening and Sunday services for these routes as well as continuing to provide services on route 29.

One change will be that the present additional concession offered by Yorkshire Tiger to bus pass holders of a £1 fare before 9:30am will not be offered by Stagecoach. 

However, Stagecoach offers a different concession not currently offered by Yorkshire Tiger. Bus pass holders travelling to hospital appointments before 09:30am travel free with Stagecoach on production of a hospital appointment letter with the bus pass. 

We are not aware of any other changes at the present time aside from the change of operator. 

Thurgoland is served by five bus routes and by the Sheffield - Barnsley - Huddersfield railway line stopping at Penistone and Silkstone Common

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Live running information is available to tell you when your bus will actually arrive at your stop

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10 Dec 2018, 07:21