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Thurgoland Parish Group of Charities

Due to the generosity of local benefactors there is still in existence a charity fund which provides resource for the inhabitants of our village. Originally the fund was made up of three charities: Scythe Wheel, The School Charity and William Burrows, with records indicating their foundation in 1863. Initially the charities were to provide clothes, fuel and bedding for the most needy and deserving poor inhabitants of Thurgoland and for the instruction of the children of the poor inhabitants of Thurgoland.

Amendments were made to the constitutions in 1974 to increase their relevance to changes in society and the charities were sealed by the Charity Commission. In the 1990s the William Burrows Charity was dissolved by the Charity Commission as invested funds were not generating any income. Remaining investments were added to the Scythe Wheel Charity. The Scythe Wheel Charity also includes a small plot of agricultural land, which is currently rented out under a tenancy agreement.

Today income generated from invested shares and rental, under the Scythe Wheel Charity, is used to provide an annual outing for pensioners resident within the parish boundaries. Whereas income generated from invested shares in The School Charity (Educational Foundation) is donated to Thurgoland C.E. Primary School to purchase reading material.

The Trustees of the charities are made up of seven members of the community whom reside or carry out their business in or near Thurgoland and represent a range of local groups. It is their responsibility to discharge their duties as far as possible in line with the original constitutions of the charities.

Over many years now annual Summer trips have been enjoyed by Thurgoland pensioners and our children relish the delights of a regular supply of new books.

Grateful thanks to our benefactors.

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