There are many excellent walks around Thurgoland both within the parish and further afield needing a short drive to a starting point . Ordnance Survey Maps OL1 and Sheet 278 (both in the Explorer Series) are useful although Thurgoland is on the edge of both maps (it seems to be a fact of life that wherever one is or wants to reach, it is on the edge of the map!).

Within the Parish itself there are several quite easy walks. The longest is the Thurgoland Boundary Walk which takes a nine mile circular route and offers a unique chance to experience the diverse nature of Thurgoland Parish. A mixture of tranquil open fields and dense woodland are inter-linked with disused railways and winding country lanes to provide a varied and interesting route which passes alongside the villages of Silkstone Common, Oxspring and Crane Moor. If this is not enough, there is also the spectacular view of the River Don valley floor to the south where the meandering river is visible at certain locations and is not to be missed.

Thurgoland is a good place to join the Trans Pennine Coast to Coast long distance foot path because it lies at the intersection of the East - West Southport - Hull route and the North - South Leeds - Chesterfield route. There are many local loops and branches of the trail - one of which actually passes through the village and another very nearby,

If you know of an interesting walk not listed in the section and have or can write a suitable description we will be pleased to hear from you with a view to publishing it on this website. It is not a requirement that the walk is wholly contained within the parish boundaries but it must start and / or finish within the parish. If the walk is a circular walk it must be described from a starting point within the Parish. If the walk is not a circular walk, details of how to reach the other end from Thurgoland or get back from there to Thurgoland by public transport must be included.


Where walks are along or cross over roads, always take great care and obey the Highway Code.

Respect for the countryside

Please remember to respect the Countryside Code and in particular to keep to the footpath in fields and to keep animals on leads when animals are nearby


Local walks are listed below. The descriptions for some of the walks (numbers 3 -5) were originally written many years ago and are now being updated thanks to the Community Action Group.

For longer walks outside of the local area we suggest that you might visit the following websites:

Yorkshire Walks or Walking in Yorkshire

Click here for more information about the whole of the Trans Pennine Trail. Alternatively for more local information about the Trail please call the Barnsley Countryside Team on 01226 772696.